1. Most wanted world of... DUB! (MUSW030)

  2. Most Wanted World Of... Part 1 1963-2001 (MUSW029)

  3. Sausage time and the livin´ is easy (MUSW028)
    Ljudit Andersson

  4. II (MUSW027)

  5. Zebra Hotel (MUSW026)
    Lazer Zebras

  6. Ding Dong Amore (MUSW023)
    Curt Lazers

  7. The art of bird mutation (MUSW010)
    Michael Intergalaxon

  8. The Acid Pony & Lazer Zebra Show (MUSW013)
    Lazer Zebras

  9. Mongoloop (MUSW022)

  10. Jag var bättre förr (MUSW009)

  11. Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow (REMUSW002)
    The Toilet

  12. Sekt Change (MUSW025)
    The Artist Formerly Known As Ljudit Andersson

  13. Konfekt & Äpplen (MUSW024)
    Everts Trio


  15. Teletext Wizard (MUSW014)

  16. Tropicano - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (MUSW017)

  17. Party Roulette (MUSW015)
    Ljudit Andersson

  18. Synthetic Sausage (MUSW021)
    Inferno Prinskorv

  19. Mingua (REMUSW005)
    Tomas Halling

  20. the bort of juses! (draft) (MUSW018)
    Cristmas compilation

  21. On top of the food chain (MUSW016)
    SOB Pariassound

  22. Attack of the disco tiger (MUSW012)
    Midnight disco

  23. Det grymma svärdet nummer 7 (REMUSW004)
    Direktörn & Klas-Benny

  24. Visor från Granelund (MUSW020)
    Siri Malmros

  25. Psychic Medium (MUSW011)
    Ljudit Andersson

  26. Summerhits 2012 (MUSW007)
    Ljudit Andersson

  27. Ljudits Baby (MUSW003)
    Ljudit Andersson med Klas-Bennys Orkester

  28. Classic sounds of the new post-avant-garde (MUSW008)
    Mythoklash & Unimates

  29. psycho-anal-ysis (MUSW006)
    bulldozerman & christ album

  30. Monsters With Machines 2005 Tour Compilation (REMUWS001)
    Monsters With Machines

  31. Disco Midnights (MUSW002)
    Midnight Disco

  32. Im so happy I want to die (MUSW001)
    Ljudit Andersson

  33. Songs That Mom and Dad Taught Us (REMUSW003)
    Bingo - Bulldozerman - Christ Album

  34. Best of The Feetless Christmas (MUSW004)
    The Feetless

  35. Tonight On Trampoline: The Feetless (MUSW005)
    The Feetless


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